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Quick Tips for Quitting Smoking

Can you stop smoking today?Are you a heavy smoker or just social Smoker? 
Smoking is one type of consumption that can lead to addiction for a person. Therefore, no wonder many people (probably including you) wants to quit smoking. And maybe this is always one of the important resolutions that must be done each year, hmm ... But it is unfortunate because it stopped to smoke it is not as easy as we initially know cigarettes.                                     

Smoking is very hard to be abandoned, especially for people who have been addicted. Therefore, although these people already know very well the danger of cigarettes, but still hard to leave!

Many experts suggest 3 important things that must be kept in mind when if we really have the intention to stop smoking, namely, (1) Has reason really have a strong mind and why we must immediately stop smoking! (2) Try to always look busy in a positive activity to reduce and minimize the chance of contact with cigarette again! (3) And choose a conducive and positive environment that is free from people who smoke! (But usually it is very hard to do!).

Here are 5 tips to quit smoking: 

1. Reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day
the process to quit smoking does not necessarily do. However my body is already conditioned by nikotin and tar will certainly make Spartan protests if a sudden supply of poison was stopped abruptly.

Therefore, I reduce by stages. I attach a target to begin reducing the number of cigarettes than the number of 36 cigarettes per day.
So it took until nearly two months to stop sucking my favorite cigarette.

2. Reduce levels of nicotine as cigarettes smoked per day
after successfully reducing the clove cigarettes that I inhaled per day, I move smoking cigarettes with tar and nicotine levels are low.

The principle used was as above. So in about 5 months I was able to totally quit smoking.

3. Active Sports
to balance my metabolism has definitely changed it, I was diligent in sports. Every day I jog about 30 minutes around the neighborhood home. Sometimes when again the spirit to go to the gym close to home for weight training.
Not bad, who knows can have a body like Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt

4. Reduce Sleep Late night
Having been accustomed to working like crazy pursued the project completion deadline of the client or the office, so I often sleep late at night even until dawn. Sometimes to drive out the cold, sleepiness and feeling bored so I end up smoking (of course accompanied by a cup of hot coffee.)

Finally I decided to discipline the time. Although working at home, I only work from 9am to 5pm. If required to work overtime because of deadline, usually never more than 10 pm.

Or because of the red-hot coding software applications or curious about the same bug that did not meet their home-meet, I still forced myself to turn off the computer promptly at 10 pm.

So I can still sleep at 11 pm and woke up at 5 am (although usually out at dawn prayers often go back to sleep until 7 pm)

5. Ask your wife to nag frequently
these tips are very powerful for me. Candidate's wife (now his wife does so already), I was very diligent scold me for smoking or working out at the so-called earlier. If he was getting tired of nagging, I usually ask, "Honey, why do not grumble today?"

Hopefully you are not and have intentions to quit smoking can be inspired by my writing it.

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Stop Smoking, stop Global Warming.