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Tips and solution to prevent low blood pressure

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Many health articles discuss about high blood pressure (hypertension), as well as ordinary people talk more about the hypertension rather than low blood pressure (hypotension), but equally dangerous to our health.

Normal adult blood pressure is in the range of 120/90 mm / hg. While the elderly ranged from 130/90 - 140/90 mm / hg. It is said to lower blood pressure in the range -20/-10 mm / hg under its normal size. The measure applies to both adults and the elderly.

Blood pressure is influenced by the ability of blood vessels to pump blood to all parts of body.  And some diseases, such as beriberi and anemia, causing the blood vessels are not strong enough to perform its functions. The next result the supply of oxygen to the brain becomes not smooth or not normal.

Low blood pressure can be acute. If the condition is acute then it must be treated with care. People can be weak, shortness of breath, and even fainting. If less precise-handling is endangering patients. At this stage the patient should consume low blood pressure medications that can help restore blood pressure. The patient will usually be given infusions and given certain drugs that correspond to the current condition.

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While the chronic stage, i.e. when the symptoms had lasted for years, the best way to handle it is to find the main cause. Do not allow the completion of handling the factors triggering the occurrence of complications. Do not consider trivial symptoms. The lack of oxygen in body tissues can cause damage to the heart, liver and kidneys.

Actually every person may experience low blood pressure, regardless of age. But women are more likely to suffer from this problem. This is because women experience menstrual cycle and childbirth. Besides triggered by a disease, low blood pressure can also happen due to fatigue, lack of exercise and pregnancy. When the body's lack of movement, the blood vessels become weak, blood pumping power is also reduced. While during menstruation, blood is removed cannot be replaced immediately, as well as contain.

Decreased blood pressure is not caused by a particular disease can be overcome fairly easily. To overcome low blood pressure due to fatigue, most simple way is to consume plenty of water. Lack of fluids will keep the blood becomes thick. Exercise can help overcome low blood pressure. And low blood pressure due to some other cause, the blood booster supplements are also useful.

Here are tips to overcome low blood pressure:

If suddenly you have symptoms of low blood pressure, immediately sit down and rest a while. Find a place that is quite roomy making it easier for you to breathe. Drink warm water, it would be better if you drink a sweet tooth.
1. Make a habit of eating a balanced nutritious diet. Too much junk food will make you deficient essential substances needed by the body.
2. Avoid fatty foods. For diabetics (people with diabetes), adjust the amount of calories in the sugar content low.
3. Increase consumption of vegetables. Vegetables contain iron that can help the formation of hemoglobin.
4. Fruits and some types of traditional herbs are also well taken by people with low blood pressure.
5. Exercise regularly, but do not overdo it. For ions replace lost body after exercise or other activity, drink a mixture of sugar water and salt.
6. Drink two liters of mineral water per day. Adjust the activities undertaken. Compare the amount of water released by the body, either through sweat or urine.

If you feel sluggish, less fit, immediately to check your blood pressure, who knows you are exposed to low blood pressure. Perform immediate action so that you get fit and healthy, so you are free from the problem of low blood pressure. Do not underestimate the symptoms of stress may experience hypotension as well as the dangers of high blood pressure sufferers.

Meet your doctor immediately so that you receive the proper treatment or medication for you, so that you are healthy and happy life.



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