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Tips to have a slim and healthy stomach

Are you comfortable with the size and girth of your belly (abdomen)? Do you feel more fat than a year ago? Many men and women who want to have a lean belly and healthy, so it can look nice and comfortable. Indeed, having a slim belly is the dream of every person, and your dreams can come true with a few simple tips.

It is true that with increasing waist size with age makes us less confident. Doing sports activities and exercise is a solution to dislodge fat deposits in the abdominal area, but you should choose the type and proper exercise techniques and in accordance with the condition of the body or type of exercise that makes you happy. You also need to have the time to exercise alone or with friends and family.
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If you want the focus to form a flat stomach and slender, then you could be some follow the tips below:

1. Begin by burning fat
Prior to forming exercise abdominal muscles, start with cardio exercise, such as brisk walking, jogging, and swimming. Effective cardio exercise improves the body's metabolism so that calories and burn fat faster. Wasted if you directly exercise belly muscles because the muscles forming the flab hiding under. Perform cardio exercise is fairly easy three or four times a week with a duration of about 30 minutes.

2. Continue to build muscle in your belly.
When the belly fat has shrunk characterized by a reduced waist size, you can begin to train your abdominal muscles. Besides sit ups, you can do yoga and Pilates movements that form the focus of the lower and upper belly muscles. Perform this exercise 3 or 4 times a week.

3. Do exercises with interval
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Exercise to create a healthy stomach. Image:
To obtain optimum results while reducing the risk of injury, do the above exercise intensity with intervals. Start by heating, proceed at high speed, and end with low speed. For example, when doing jogging, pleae start with a slow movement for five minutes to warm up. Then jog for ten to fifteen minutes with increasing speed. Then, do a quick run for two minutes. After that, reduce speed to a jog for five minutes back.

Before and after the exercise, make sure you consume enough water to avoid dehydration. Better results will be obtained if you apply a good diet. Adjust your diet and avoid foods that contain calories, salt, sugar and high-fiber foods and multiply.

Belly dance or yoga

If you have courage, you can also follow the activities of belly dance in my spare time, certainly very enjoyable. Many places or belly dance club whose purpose is to health or physical fitness, is certainly very suitable for women, especially if you want to get health , fitness and a sense of happiness because you dance accompanied by music with a beat that will make your body sway.
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Yoga in Bali.Image:
You can also practice yoga in Bali while vacation on this beautiful island. Yoga is a unique sport derived from ancient Indian culture. Many yoga movements that can help you to have a slim body and belly and healthy, and besides you will be taught meditation, so you get the inspiration to focus (konsestrasi). So, quickly find a yoga center in your city or practice yoga in Bali, then you open a yoga class in your town after returning from Bali.

 Slim stomach is a positive sign for the beginning of a healthier life. If you can manage your diet, lifestyle and exercise with proper portions, then you are guaranteed a fit and healthy life. If you live a healthy lifestyle, then you are not susceptible to certain diseases such as heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer and other dangerous diseases .

 Make sure you also enjoy a social life by the flurry you as an employee , entrepreneur or an artist , entertainer or other professions .

Most of the article is cited from and other realiable sources.


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