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The benefits of coffee to prevent skin cancer

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As in the case of tea, the coffee was a drink of paradise that has tremendous benefits for human life, but we should not drink too much tea or coffee. There are many scientific studies or articles that prove that coffee has many benefits for our health, for example, coffee may prevent dementia or Alzheimer's, even the aroma of coffee also have uses attract the opposite sex, as well as a variety of other benefits.

 It was also found that coffee also contains antioxidants, so the caffeine in coffee can help you be fit and healthy throughout the day.

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There is a recent study suggests the latest facts about the benefits of coffee, as well as a mood booster for us to work all day. A study at the University of Washington found that the caffeine in coffee, apparently killing a small number of cells that have the potential to become cancerous (precancerous cells) caused by sun exposure. In the same study, also found that caffeine can kill cells that are in the process of division in our skin when exposed to sunlight.

 The research has been published in the AACR (American Association for Cancer Research) by Yao-Ping Lu, You-Rong Lou, Qing-Yun Peng, Paul Nghiem, and Allan H. Conney is suggested that their findings only valid in cases of basal cell skin cancer carcinoma. That is one of the three types of skin cancers are the most common skin cancer patients in the world, which caused DNA damage to the skin from the UVB rays of the sun.

How does it work?

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The caffeine in coffee works by blocking a protein ATR (ataxia telangiectasia and Rad3-related enzyme) which gives the effect of UV exposure to the DNA that makes DNA replication is not perfect and even most of them were broken into early stage precancerous changes in cells that can sell continue to develop into cancer concomitant skin exposure to the sun.

The study was initially successful in these mice at the beginning of the year , it gives the same results in 110,000 participants with an average age of 22-24 years. Of the total participants , there are patients with variations in the number of skin cancer by type . is 22,786 basal cell carcinoma , squamous cell carcinomas 1,953 and melanomas 741 which then results were published back in the 10th Annual AACR International meeting in Boston, USA .

 With the advent of comparative reduction in the risk of basal cell carcinoma, 20 % in women and 9 % in men who drank more than 3 cups of coffee per day. But he also said that the accumulative drinking coffee can not be a reference, but a few moments before the skin is exposed to sunlight, then caffeine can work optimally kill damaged cells in the skin. So no doubt the usefulness of caffeine that can be added to the anti- sun lotion to increase its effectiveness against skin cancer, as will be proved later by Paul Nghiem and his team.

The benefits of coffee for skin care

Beyond these studies, coffee also has fruit acids, organic acids, fats, alkaloids, minerals, potassium, magnesium and iron that are beneficial to the health and beauty of skin on your face , even coffee is also useful to note the beauty of your hair. There is an example for you if you want to take advantage of the coffee to refresh your face, which is as follows:
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Make a cup of coffee , then put in ice-cube trays, then freeze it in the freezer until frozen. After coffee iced coffee cut the opening, after the wipe to the face like wearing lotion. Rinse face with clean water, and feel the face will feel fresh again.

Special advice: Do not drink too much coffee , two cups or three cups of coffee is enough to make you keep the spirit and healthy every day. Reduce drinking coffee if you feel there are changes that affect your health. Immediately consult with your doctor so that you know your body condition.

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