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How healthy with simple food and not expensive

 You may already exercise regularly, do not stay up unless there is a necessity, even you do not drink alcohol except light beer. However, why do you still do not fit, even sick. As you understand, in addition to the effects of weather, food intake apparently plays an important role in our lives. By the way, what you eat day and night?

Still there is little sense that healthy food must be expensive. This is not the right assumption. Indeed, there are cafes and restaurants that make a healthy diet with high prices, as if only the rich are allowed to sound. Do not be sad because you can cook healthy food in your own kitchen.

Choosing Healthy Vegetables

You can cook the broccoli with different combinations, for example, you can cook the broccoli with chunks of chicken, beef or shrimp. Do this once in a while so you do not get bored. The curly Broccoli contains vitamin A, so you can reduce the production of excess oil. You will gain the benefits of vitamin C from broccoli because Vitamin C is useful as an antioxidant. Apparently in Broccoli no hidden gift in the form of vitamin K is worthwhile to prevent bruising on your skin.

 Fish for your health

Do you believe the opinion, that the Japanese are smart and long life due to eating a lot of fish? To be sure the fish has a high protein and omega 3 fatty acids. Why omega 3 is is needed by our body? Since our body cannot produce omega-3 fatty acids, so according to experts, omega 3 is needed is a substance our bodies to keep skin moist. Omega 3 also serves to keep our skin is not easily irritated.

Fish are rich with omega 3 are salmon and cod. If you do not like eggs, you can buy eggs that have been containing omega 3 at the supermarket, but the fishing remains the best option.

Benefits of green tea.

Tea does not grow in Europe and America, but you can drink green tea with ease. Green tea is gaining popularity because it contains antioxidants that are beneficial to skin health and even green tea is believed to reduce the risk of skin cancer. Another benefit of green tea is that it can prevent premature aging. Three cups of green tea every day will make you healthier and look younger.

If you are concerned about health, you are also advised to consume oil sunflower seeds and almonds. Apparently sunflower seeds contain omega 6, also contains prostaglandin, a hormone that maintains all the cells of the body in order to work properly. Sunflower oil is also able to overcome the problem of inflammation and dry skin. Meanwhile, abortion is almost similar to almond oil sunflower seeds. Almond is useful to keep the skin moist. If you buy a cake or croissant, make sure you choose a cake and croissant that has been sprinkled almonds because almonds contain vitamin E, so that you avoid dry skin problems. As we know Vitamin E is very useful to keep the skin moist.

You must also know the benefits of bananas and other simple foods. Be wise, be healthy.