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The secret of healthy living and slim body of Japanese women

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Samurai cooking. Image:
If you noticed, when you vacation in Japan or when you meet Japanese people in your town, you probably never thought: Why do Japanese people in general have a slim body. Do they do a special diet? Similarly, the Japanese women, they not only have a clean skin, and healthy, Japanese women also known for having a slim and healthy body.

The Japanese, as well as Japanese women turn out obsessed with food. The Japanese are even referred to as a food utopia. Along the road or in a grocery store there are a variety of food on display in their stores. If the Japanese are so fond of eating, how could they stay slim, healthy, even longevity? Apparently, the secret of healthy and slim tips they have found, which is behind the kitchen of Japanese women.

The main tips of Japanese women in order to stay slim:

You need to understand, it turns out the Japanese women eat in small portions.
Since childhood, the Japanese people have been accustomed to eating in small portions. There is a Japanese proverb: "Hara hachi bunme", which means' eat until 80% full course.' If you watch carefully, they also eat slowly, they do not hurry, because every mouthful to be enjoyed perfectly. Each dish was served in a small dish or bowl. In addition to reducing the size of food portions, this way also beautify the look of the dish. Perhaps you also find a Japanese tradition of eating this in Korean soap operas. It turns out the women of Korea also slim as Japanese women. They have a tradition of eating that is similar to one another.

Japanese daily menu consists of fish, soy, rice, vegetables, and fruit.

In the classic Japanese-style home-cooked dishes, so their diet consists of grilled fish, a bowl of rice, vegetables, a serving of miso soup, and no fruit as dessert. They also enjoy a cup of hot green tea. Mere knowledge to you, it turns out the fish and soybean consumption in Japan is very high. They are also crazy about fresh vegetables. Their favorites are broccoli, bean sprouts, cabbage, and seaweed, which proved to have a high nutrient.
Japanese food, healthy food, slim tips, healthy life tips, healthy tips, Japanese women slim tips, good food, healthy living, miso soup
Japanese food. Image:
Japanese people rarely eat red meat. However, when meat served as a main dish, the meat will be cut tipis- thin, and served in moderation. Therefore, the Japanese dish is lower in fat, especially saturated fat, and higher good fats, such as omega-3 fats they get from fish. They also rarely eat fast food. Due to the influence of Western culture, they also consume milk, butter, cheese, and pasta, sometimes served in their homes, but not exaggerated, as the tradition of the American or European.

The Japanese turned out a lot more walking.
For the Japanese, have your own car it would drain too expensive. Therefore, they walk away from their home or office to the train station, and the Japanese have a train at a fairly high speed. On foot, they always burn maximum calories.

Japanese women is always enjoy a healthy breakfast.
In Japan, breakfast is the most important daily activities, even the portions are often larger than lunch or dinner. Every morning, there are hundreds of thousands of Japanese women prepare breakfast for themselves and their families. That classic Japanese-style breakfast consisting of green tea, a bowl of rice, miso soup with tofu, and onions, seaweed (nori), and a little omelette or a piece of grilled fish. The breakfast menu could provide the energy and nutrients is quite high. An important reason why they are very concerned with the breakfast, because breakfast will prevent excessive for lunch.

Japanese people often steaming food, instead of frying.

Instead of frying or grilling food in the oven, Japanese women prefer steaming, sautéing, boiling, or roasting in the pan bumpy. The advantage of this cooking tradition is, substances in food ingredients will not be damaged. Moreover, Japan is also famous for its food enjoyed raw food, like sashimi. In addition, Japanese food is not much wear spices, cream, or sauce. 'Mission' major Japanese food is more emphasis on the beauty of the natural color, as well as letting out the original flavor of food. Instead of using animal fat, butter, or heavy oil, Japanese women also used to cook with a little canola oil or dashi, the broth of fish and sea plants.
Japanese food, healthy food, slim tips, healthy life tips, healthy tips, Japanese women slim tips, good food, healthy living, miso soup
Healthy food. Image:
Just as the tradition of the Asian community, the Japanese people are also a huge fan of rice. However, the portions were not excessive. By eating rice, they can avoid eating too much bread or sweet snack. In ancient times, Japanese people are eating more healthful brown rice because it is high in fiber. As time went on, they switched to white rice. However, there is a recent trend, it turns out the Japanese women began to return to the old traditions, where they enjoyed the red rice. In restaurants and grocery stores, brown rice and brown rice more easily found.

Japanese women love to snacking, but in a special way.
Although always eat healthy food, Japanese women were also like snacking. They are also fond of chocolates, pastries, ice cream, rice cracker, and red bean cake. However, they do not snacked constantly. In addition, the portions are also small. Cakes in Japan most of it small (3 square centimeters) and packaged one by one. By doing so, the Japanese women are accustomed to eating only one or two cakes, and keep the rest to be eaten later. D Bank Tokyo there is even a The chocolate in a department store, which receives deposits chocolates, and stored in a special place at a certain temperature. The chocolate can be taken whenever you want.

Japanese women have a 'special relationship' with food.

Japanese women are not happy dieting like American women. Not because their daily food has been healthy, but because they have their own point of view in terms of food. They do not associate food with fat or slim body problem. In contrast, Japanese women have a 'healthy relationship' with food. They enjoy a variety of food and not dizzy limit what can be eaten and are not, or are fattening and not. You do not think the body of Japanese women stay slim and healthy just because of genetic factors. Research Menzies School of Health Research in Australia proves that, if the Japanese implementing the Western lifestyle, then they will suffer from heart disease and cancer.

Do you want to slim as Japanese women? Let's try to follow the Japanese diet, but you can still enjoy your tradition.


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Not true, Japanese women eat very little and diet like crazy.